Ho.pe.S- Hochschulgruppe für persischsprachige Studenten

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The University group for Persian speaker students ( Hochschulgruppe für persischsprachige Studenten) is a non-political voluntary student organization whose objective is to offer Persian academic and cultural activities and events, to promote an understanding of Iranian culture and art among German scholars and students, to help foster friendship among Persian Language speakers from different countries like Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan or Germany and to provide a source of union and support for the Persian language students community at Heidelberg.
Hochschulgruppe für persischsprachige Studenten (Hopes) as an independent non-profit student organization has been headquartered and established at the University of Heidelberg, Germany since Spring of 2013.

Goals and Missions:

Our seven goals are as follows:

  1.  We wish to spread awareness regarding Iranian culture, society and art among Persian speakers’ community and German scholars and students.
    Through lectures, student publications, forums, emails, and other avenues of communication, we wish to bring attention to various Iranian andIranrelated issues.
  2. Over the past two centuries, there was a longstanding academic tradition of Iranian Studies at theUniversity of Heidelberg. Unfortunately, the Iranian studies Chair was ended in 2012. We attempt to fill this gap by providing scientific and academic resources for Iranian Studies scholars.
  3. We try to provide an environment for German students and scholars to develop their skills in the Persian language.
  4. We wish to promote a sense of community and togetherness in the Iranian, Afghan and Tajik community.
  5. We try to promote a sense of identity among German-Iranian community. The second generation of Iranian/Iranian-German who has grown up away from their homeland needs to get in touch with their roots and preserve them.
  6. We want to bridge between the market, academia and researchers inGermanyand Iranian intellectuals, scholars, artist and cultural products. Introducing the Iranian cultural figures to German society by organizing lectures, seminars, publications, and translation of recent outstanding works are our strategy to realizing this goal.
  7. We attempt to represent Persian and Iranian culture and contribute to cultural diversity and the associated values atUniversityofHeidelberg. In addition, we respect all nations, religions, races
    and ethnic groups. We try to expand our relation with other student groups with similar interests and goals.
    Ho.pe.S - Hochschulgruppe für persischsprachige Studenten
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